Bright futures for foster youth

connectED is improving life outcomes of young adults in foster care. With a focus on building healthy relationships and finding meaningful employment, connectED empowers youth to learn and practice positive communications skills, pursue a career path, and develop a network of healthy peer support.

Raygun x connectED

In our second collaboration with BCFS Health & Human Services, Raygun designed a brand identity for connectED to honor the journeys of youth and young adults in the program as well as reflect the joy and passion of the connectED team.

The connectED logo mark includes an icon of two interlocking letter C's, with the name "connectED" and the tagline" BCFS Health & Human Services" directly below.

The iconmark represents the strong bond or link between the program leaders and youth, while the speech bubbles in the center of the mark represent their commitment to building healthy relationships through communication. Our vibrant choices of color, typography, and photos were inspired and informed by the youth’s energy and hope for the future.

The iconmark is created with two interlocking letter C's. The negative space looks like two word bubbles.
The connectED canvas tote bag is forest green with lime green lettering that reads, "The Future is Ours. Stronger Together." The iconmark sites below the lettering.
Social graphics include portraits of youth with various headlines and copy.
connectED posters include portraits of youth with various headings and copy.

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