All of the Above

All of the Above” amplifies the diverse voices and lived experiences of communities across California — especially those who have been marginalized or excluded from the conversation around health and social justice.

Raygun x The California Endowment

What if this were a place where you could be any sort of way?

Inspired by the stories of first and second generation immigrants in California, All of the Above” is a campaign that celebrates and affirms the vastness of identity. By creating space for people to claim and express all the parts of who they are, unbothered in full joy and color, the campaign opens opportunity for dialogue, healing, and health across our state.

The campaign is part of a larger effort of The California Endowment to create a culture of belonging in the state, ensuring that all people — no matter their origin and orientation, background or belief — can be seen, heard, and affirmed for who they are. And ultimately find their own state of belonging.

Through the process of listening to, collecting, and amplifying these stories, we hope to strongly affirm the inherent dignity of those who’ve been othered, challenge those who question that dignity to dig deep and ask why, and remind everyone of our shared humanity.

Our Team

We are deeply grateful for all of the participants and our team, pictured above, who drew from their personal stories and experiences to bring this campaign to life. Thank you for your courage and creativity.

Strategy & Concept: Jordan Hayles
Design Lead: Stacey Uy
Copy: Melanie Burchby
Production: Ami Ipapo-Glass
Creative Direction: Stacey Edelstein

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