Education changes lives

Tailored for Education believes every child deserves to begin life on an equal playing field, and for them, it starts with a $28 uniform.

Raygun x Tailored for Education

Tailored for Education increases school enrollment and creates economic opportunity by providing children with locally-made school uniforms. The children they support are required by the government to wear a uniform to school; without one they can be turned away, which creates significantly increased risks of poverty, trafficking, and gang violence. Tailored for Education disrupts this cycle by developing partnerships with community-based organizations, employing local tailors, and ensuring the children and families have access to the resources and services they need in order to thrive beyond the classroom.

Guided by their vision, we created a brand identity and website for Tailored for Education to reflect the love and joy experienced by the children in the classroom. The expansive color palette and custom illustrations beautifully complement the organization’s rich archive of photography, creating a flexible and dynamic design system that can extend across multiple channels, including print collateral, marketing materials and giveaways, social media, and the website. 

We also created a sub-identity system for their monthly giving circle, The Honor Roll.

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