Housing justice takes people power

In California, no other challenge is as urgent and critical as the lack of affordable housing. The California Endowment, in partnership with Raygun, has taken a bold stance on a thorny issue affecting this huge and unique state.

Raygun x The California Endowment

Anything is Possible” is a multi-stage campaign calling attention to five critical issues affecting belonging in California, starting with housing. The bold, unapologetic campaign features real grassroots organizers and housing advocates from the state who are working to create positive impact in their communities. By amplifying their voices, our goal is to inspire continued solidarity, hope and effort.

Given California’s mind-boggling number of distinct regions and populations, few issues are as ubiquitous and intractable as the housing crisis. Our campaign harnesses eye-catching design and unapologetic copy to speak to the issue head-on.

The intentionally large typeface used for Housing Justice” establishes the concept as being of paramount importance — the smaller copy beneath it packs a punch with the dynamic phrase people power.” The tagline When we’re all home #WeBelongInCA” asserts that housing is a universal right — we ALL need homes — and ties in with the larger theme of what it means to truly belong in California, a concept that has been the recent focus of the Endowment’s messaging. The photographs used in the campaign feature real Californians from organizations such as Mutual Housing California, the California Budget and Policy Center and the Jakara Movement.

The housing campaign is the first phase of a larger, multi-stage initiative called Anything is Possible.” For the past few years, the Endowment has been working with Raygun to place the concept of belonging front and center. In a place like California, questions around belonging are endlessly fascinating, nuanced and challenging. Within this framework, the goal of Anything is Possible is to highlight how the seemingly impossible can occur when communities commit to building their shared visions.

Our Team

Creative Strategy: Stacey Edelstein
Creative Direction: Schessa Garbutt
Copy: Melanie Burchby
Production Design: Ami Ipapo-Glass

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