Expanding what’s possible for health

The Joan & Irwin Jacobs Center for Health Innovation at UC San Diego (CHI) seeks to accelerate the advancement and adoption of new technologies to improve health for all people. As a new organization, they came to Raygun to create a brand system and website to articulate their vision and inspire people with the possibilities ahead.

Raygun x CHI

At its core, CHI is an agent of change in healthcare, driven by the belief that innovation comes from collaboration across sectors. Working together with patients, providers, industry leaders, and public companies, their team of digital experts and health specialists co-design solutions to meet real-world needs and unlock our full potential for health. It’s this forward momentum, backed by the resources, expertise, and talent of a world-renowned campus, that we wanted to capture in the brand.

Taking inspiration from UC San Diego’s iconic Gilman Bridge, we created an icon that honors the university’s legacy and symbolizes the connections we are building between health and technology. The result is a simple and modern mark that can be used in a wide variety of applications.

New mission & vision statements

Our vision is to bridge the divide between healthcare and the human experience. By accelerating the advancement and adoption of new technologies, we seek to expand what’s possible for healthcare and create lasting, measurable impact for people around the world.

Our mission is to leverage the power of human-centered technology to drive innovation in healthcare at scale. From wearables to apps to innovative new health service models, we specialize in creating digital tools that expand access to data, open communication between patients and providers, and empower people to make more informed decisions about their health.